Jelenko "LFC" Model Furnace

Hello all,

I have searched all over the web to no luck of the question I’m seeking, so maybe one of you with experience can help? Today I attempted at my first burnout using the Jelenko Furnace and it started up, light luminated and I seen the temperature rise as such. Following the hold times of the investment after say 2 hrs, it cut off and would not come back on. I checked all sources and noticed now, when I start it up - it pops the breaker… would this mean the unit has a blown fuse or has maybe ran its course? If so, does anyone recommend a particular company where I can purchase a top top style burnout furnace?

  • for what I am doing: “custom gold teeth” it does not have to be a large one, I am using the “lost wax” method


here are a few interesting articles I found on a web search for “why do circuit breakers trip”
perhaps an electrician may be needed…or perhaps the appliance is faulty…safety first!


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I’m sure it may have ran it’s course - with my knowledge of circuitry and continuity - now its more so finding a quality furnace to assist with my lost wax casting method

I’m a little late here but my burnout oven will trip some breakers as it gets hot, and not others. It may be because there’s already a sizeable load on that side of my house. Your house electricity if you’re in the U.S. will be split into two halves so you can try to hook it up to the other half. It’s inconvenient and probably not as safe but I run an extension cord from the oven in my garage to another plug on my back porch to get it to work. I also use an extension cord rated for very high wattage. I haven’t gotten the chance to look into why it trips it, I’m a mechanical engineer and only cast as a hobby.