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Jelena - Jewelry Gallery

My jewellery is an artistic representation of an emotion; a memory from one of the many places and cultures I’ve been fortunate to experience; an invitation for one to notice and take pleasure in the subtle wonders: the pattern on a stone, effects of light passing through a gem, the emotion one feels when wearing one or another of Nature’s jewels. I use select semiprecious gemstones, organic materials and various metals. My creations are mostly intuitive; every piece composed to the music in me at that moment. I enjoy learning, trying out different techniques and new ways of using the materials, like braiding wire and leather together, or doing micro-macrame with wire. While this is not always easy and can be exasperating, the excitement and sense of achievement I get with success are very rewarding.
Montreal, Canada

Leather Necklace with Leopardskin Jasper and Hand-wrought Copper Pendant

Chrysocolla, Hematite and 24k Gold-Plated Charlottes Necklace