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Jeff Regan - Bench Exchange

Jeff Regan
Regan Jewelry
Cape Cod Mass, USA

"Here’s a shot of my bench in my ever-evolving studio.I clean it up (almost) daily because I can’t stand trying to find things in a messy bench.

It’s been interesting to see everyone else’s work spaces.I love this project. Great idea Dave!"

CB Stark Jewelers
Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Here is the business end view of my workspace. It is less organized chaos than it may look from this vantage point…

My shop is ever evolving, and has changed a great deal from my last Bench Exchange entry several years ago. Adding new equipment means shuffling everything.

Growth is constant.
Change is good.
Here’s to the Bench Exchange!

CB Stark Jewelers
Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Here is my home away from home. My bench…my workspace, my playground.
I try to contain the daily mess, (this pic was shot at one of the tidier moments) but as the filings begin to fly, it gets looking lived in pretty quickly!

I love checking out the other benches on the Exchange, from all over the world… It’s really cool to see how creativity can occur in so many different environments!

CB Stark Jewelers
Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Here is one view of the current state of affairs for my ever changing shop…

I only work here on a very part time basis, but love my workspace!