Jeep Collins workshop


I know this might be a little long and thus unsuitable for a general
post. However I have read several questions from those in this group
wanting about schools and/or instruction in the art of
jewelry making. Some questions went so far as to ask about different
types or forms of casting.

That said, my wife and I have been to the Jeep Collins workshop in
Fredericksburg, Texas, and we both like the work he produces there.
In his most recent catalog, Jeep Collins announces a school for those
“wanting to develop the creativity” in jewelry design and
fabrication. I have visited both his and the school’s web sites
(there is a link on his site) and think the instruction would be what
most are looking for. The price quoted is reasonable. I requested,
and Jeep Collins granted permission to copy the announcement from his
catalog in a post to this group. (I can send both messages if
requested.) The Jeep Collins web site is

Thank you,
Jim Good