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Jean Stark, Guru of Granulation and Goddess of Chains

Hi All,

I’m sure everyone looked at this months LJ, and the article on Jean
Stark, Guru of Granulation. Well, we just finished a class on
Granulation, Chains, and Ancient Rings. Jean was nice enough to let
me take pictures of all her pieces, and every day she brought numerous
designs, each one more beautiful than the next. It was like being
with Picasso and getting a grand tour of all his work. Not only is
Jean the Guru of Granulation, but also the Goddess of Chains. She had
fold over links with 27 ga. gold wire that were no longer than 3mm,
and she had a necklace she wove out of links made from 30 gauge gold
wire that was so fine it felt like silk.

I've created 4 web pages for all the pictures I took with the Nikon

950, for all my friends enjoyment, and links to them all at the top
of the Web. Please feel free to browse the web site and if you
have any suggestions, please comment. There is a page for
Granulation, for Chains, for Ancient Rings, and one for the fantastic
dinner we had at the beginning of class.

Most of the items were not covered in LJ, so it should be a treat for


Love and God Bless
Check out the Web Site

Randy thanks for sharing Jean’s fabulous work with us all. Makes me
feel very humble and even more dedicated to improving myself. Jean’s
work is truly an apex of jewelry making. Thanks again, Cheers, Don at
The Charles Belle Studio where simple elegance IS fine jewelry!

Hi Randy,

Thankyou for the pages. Beautiful work… One of the disadvantages
about living in Perth, Western Australia is the
isolation…and… the low Australian dollar to world currency!!

Felicity in sunny West Oz.