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Jean Stark Classes and New Creations

Hi all Jean Stark fans and students.

I just added two new links to her page on my Web site.

One is for some new creations I was able to get photographs of , a
BEAUTIFUL granulated and enameled Dragonfly and her Acorn with a
granulated cap and emerald bottom. I’ll try to add more creations
as I get pictures.

The second link is for her upcomming classes. I’ll try to keep it
up to date as to the classes and how many openings there are for each

The great thing about the classes is, unlike before, the new
location will be open in the evening so you can stay at the inn and
work in the evening till you (or Jean…hahahaha) gets tired. These
two classes will be back to back. Learn Enameling in the first
class, then apply it in the second class.

I’ve been to several of Jeans classes in Hilton Head. Hilton Head is
beautiful, and Jean is a fantastic teacher. One of the best parts of
the class, (if you are lucky), is an Italian dinner by Bernie, her
husband. (I’ll probably get in trouble for that……)

Love and God Bless