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JD Findings - kind words and closing

As many of you know I will be continuing the gem business under the
names of Sweet Gems and Benad with many of the same type of materials
and much much more. I want to thank the many jewelers and suppliers
out there for their kind words and support while I have been closing
JD Findings. It has been a heavy burden to take care of myself and I
must thank my wonderful husband for his help and support. I am very
excited about my new products and am expanding the line on a
continuous basis. I am also very excited about my new web site which
will be up in the near future You will find my
new postings to orchid under the name of Sweet Gems. I look forward
to that soon. The process has been going on since October and
materials are now listed and sold under the names of JD Findings,
Benad, and Sweet Gems. It will still take some time to completely
close up JD Findings. The phone numbers and address will remain the
same and the following email addresses may be used: and Regards and
Best Wishes to all of my friends out there and Thank You,
Diane Sadel