JCK show entry

An unstated, but nevertheless important factor in screening entry at
the show is security. Imagine how difficult it is to qualify
attendees at this major trade show,and so, the rules are hard and

A large part of the fees that vendors pay to attend this show is
devoted to their safety in the marketplace. As you start to make
exceptions to the rules, you open the door to potential
misjudgements that will not occur if you stick to the rules of
entry… Every year, there are rip offs of grand magnitude at trade
shows. Las Vegas, unfortunately, gets its’ share. Those situations
are held to a minimum by being diligent. Many vendors have millions
of dollars of merchandise within the confines of their booth. This
business is tough enough without having to worry that there are
people in the hall that will steal your goods. Having said that, it
is still imperative that vendors secure their merchandise at all
times, and not let themselves get distracted. An honest person
becomes a thief if the opportunity presents itself. Steve Burns


I agree with you about security and watching out for yourself at a
show. I feel it is imperative to have at least two people working to
be able to cover all the bases when things start getting hectic.
(Hectic is good. it starts a kind of feeding frenzy and the money
rolls in.)

I disagree with you about honest people becoming thieves. An honest
person, by definition, is not, and never will be a thief. The
problem is that one never knows who is honest and who is susceptible
to a little part time (or full time) thievery. It would help a lot
if I could bring my dog with me to the shows. She has an innate
understanding of which people mean to do me or my family harm.
Somehow I can’t see the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show letting me bring
a 100 pound wolf (my ‘dog’) with me onto the show floor.

There are real truly honest people left in the world though. If you
dropped a $1000 bill in front of my son, he would pick it up and run
to catch up with you to return it. He learns this type of behavior
by example.

Thanks & g’day
Rick Carew