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JBT Members


All, Several years ago I went on the road selling my products and my
partners. My partner is a member of JBT and supplied our endeavor
with a list of jewelry stores worth visiting. Many jewelers I met
were not listed in the JBT book even though they were members of JBT.
They had pulled their listing. The reason is simple. Every sales
person has a copy of the JBT book. In the book they give a monetary
value for each listing. Store owners with high monetary listings get
stopped at by most traveling sales person. Some owners said that it
got so bad they did not want to see any more traveling sale people.
We found them by using old JBT listings. JBT members can also request
specific listings of al members within a certain category defined by
the requestor. I decided to marketing at trade shows as a less
intrusive means of meeting store owners.

Gerry Galarneau


Gerry, Your observations about the JBT book are on the money, but you
neglect to mention that the book is also a ready made “hit list” for
burglars and other nefarious types. The fact that it is only
available to members of JBT is irrelvant inasmuch as all documents
are subject to being lost , misplaced or otherwise compromised.

There was a time when road sales were a vital part of the industry;
this is no longer the case. Jewelers nowadays get their stock at
shows or from their established suppliers.

Ron at Mills Gem, Los Osos, CA.