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Japenese ring size

Hi everybody, I have an order from Japan ,ring size 9 ,is it the same
than the north american size ? the diameter of her finger is about
16mm, but I do nut trust that type of measurement. Thank you

Michael - Click on the link below for a table of comparative ring


Steven Brixner - Jewelry Designer - San Diego CA USA

I’m not sure what to tell you. Here’s what I can give you from your

American size 9 would equal a Japanese size 18
Japanese size 9 would equal an American size 5

but 16 mm is more like an American 6 1/2 or Japanese 13 If you’ve got
time, send over a set of cheapo plastic ring sizers and have them
send back the one that fits. . or. . .have them buy an inexpensive
adjustable costume ring, adjust it to fit, and send it to you.
Probably best is to have her go to a reputable Japanese jeweler, get
her finger sized in the Japanese standard or the American standard,
as long as they can tell you that the jeweler knew the difference and
they are correct in the they’re giving you. If you need
to convert from one to the other, the formulas are here and there I’m
sure, but I have a copy I got from Stuller’s findings book and I can
e-mail you a scan of it if you can’t find it.

David L. Huffman

Ring mandrels from different countries follow different scales. And
even worse, all ring mandrels are not exactly the same here in the
US. Ring size 9 in Japan corresponds to US size 4 5/8 or a European
size (metric circumference) 48 to 49. There is an illustration of
various mandrels which clarify international ring size equivalents on
pages 118-119 in my recent book, Ring Repair. This 2-page chart can
be viewed by going to:

Then click International Ring Sizes.

(NOTE TO WEBMASTER: correct spelling of subject to Japanese)


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