Japanese saws for cutting tubing


Has anyone in Orchidland used Japanese saws for cutting tubing in a
tub cutting jig? Somewhen in my past I attended a demo workshop
where this was demonstrated. Can’t remember the type of saw, but
would like to ‘refresh’ this and find the saw.

Linda Kaye-Moses

this may not be the exact saw you used see:


you may find another in the catalog. I have used a small Japanese
back saw for soft metals.


There is a type of Japanese saw used for wood, they are very thin.
You can find them at LeeValley.com, great company. Love 'em.


use “plastic mini miter saw” as a searchable in your browser. i use
one like this:

people, unless you’re cutting angles across tubing - the easiest way
is a $1.99 plumbing tube/pipe cutter from the hardware store. they
come in sizes that can be tightened to fit either small tubes or
large. if there’s a little compression at the end use a center punch
to gently ream it back into the right diameter. you will not get a
cleaner cut with less effort by any other means.

listen more now, don’t look dumb later.