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Janice Lea - Bench Exchange

Projects often start with slabs

Rough shapes are cut with my trim saw.

Cabochons are made here.

When I’m at my bench, I can swivel around and to my this worktable.

The “Now that’s a Jig” is a recent addition from Rio.

And finally, my actual bench.

My workshop is comfortable and pleasant with abundant natural light and inspirational views. I’ve rearranged several times in the couple of years since I’ve been lucky enough to have it, and I continue working to improve it.

Thanks for looking.


Calm looking. Looks like you have a relaxing time there.

Jealous of your rock saw and polishers. Wish I had that…and a bunch of
extra time.

I relax best when I’m here, working on something! I confess I almost did not post the photos. My bench is shall we say, modestly equipped, by comparison to many. Thanks for reminding me how lucky I am to have my lapidary equipment, and time to use it. You would be more jealous if I’d shown my other saws and polishers, including a vintage Highland Park saw/wheels combo unit, still in regular use. Used lapidary equipment is not hard to find if you join a gem and mineral club. Used metalsmithing tools not so much!

I started a s a laidary and have been re creating my shop a few times
but its so small more loke a hole
Ill work up the courage to post some pics eventually
I remember you from lapidary forumYou had some kind and encouraging words
as I am new to both
your shop looks nice and airy
i put up lots of optical stimulation to compensate for the dungeon like atmosphere