Janet Jackson's body jewelry

Since there have been a number of postings on this subject recently,
you may all be interested in an article in today’s (Feb. 6, '04)
Washington DC Post newspaper. It seems that the famous Janet Jackson
exposure event at Super Bowl, exposed a “nipple shield” of sterling
silver which has caused a buying frenzy from its manufacturer. A
small photo of the wax model shows a sunburst shield that would
surround the area and be pinned into the flesh. No on
what kind of anesthetic might be required. The cost is quoted as
$23.95 and is on backorder from BodyPunks.com. No pushing and
shoving now.


Hi Pat No anesthetic is used. I have been makeing body jewerly for a
few years, and have friends that have a studio

Hi pat, The nipple shields are not pined into place, you must first
get your nipple(s) pierced and wait until it heals then put the
shield on, it is held into place by the barbell. There is no
anesthetic used. most body piercer will tell you to “” suck it up “”
though I guess Lidocaine can be used for some people but it will
still hurt intensely after the drugs wears off. I have a few body
piercing including my nipples and they hurt the worst I had talked to
my piercer several times about the pain of the piercing before I had
gotten it done and he said (I’m trying not to be obscene) that most
guys will come back to get there genitals pierced but he has never
had a return on the nipples (he didn’t say anything about the women
though.), like I said it is very painful. But if you take care of
them like your supposed to when they are healing and then don’t take
it out for extended periods of time ( its not advisable to take them
out at all during the 7 weeks of healing ) they can be there forever
I have had mine in for 2 years now. If you need any more information
let me know. There is also a web page www.bmezine.com that can
explain allot about all piercing, though bmezine are hardcore freaks
so some images can be very disturbing its not a site to browse for
those people who are easily disgusted.

Michael Woltmann