James' Bench :]

I’ll use this as a formal, hello to fellow hobbyists and professionals! I may be a beginner, but hopefully I can advance enough to provide a career change in silversmithing. The bench I currently use was originally built, by my dad and I, for the purpose of fashion design until jewelry took over. The bench design is from a pre-existing craft table “blueprint,” but modified to my liking containing 3 removable sections. Overall, the dimmensions are 58"x33"x41". The stands on either side have 3 shelves each that can be accessed from either side along with 3 front “cubby’s.” The top has two deep slideout drawers with removable acrylic tops. The middle sections are just large spacial compartments, though the front has a notched board fitted for work (storage just underneathe it). The entire build is of red oak and I’m pretty proud of what we accomplished. I am in various stages of tweaking and adding slideouts for organizational purposes (drawer inserts, files, etc). I eventually want to make a matching hutch where I can store metals such as sheet, chain, wire, etc. The reason I wanted this design in the first place was the available space without feeling cramped, along with giving me options to further customize the design to my liking. I still have quite a list of tools I’d love to get my hands on…in due time I’m sure.
As far as my favorite tool purchased from Rio Grande, my life saver if you will, has to be my Prodigy flex shaft. It saves so much time with minimal effort.

I also included a picture of my soldering station from Harbor Freight, in the garage, which has a metal frame, 2 large drawers, and a shelf underneathe.

Thank you for looking and love the site!


Where did you get the chair? I looks like a design classic.

I love it, it’s very comfy and stable. The only add-on it’s going to receive are roller wheels, which I’ve been too busy to put on.

The shape of the steam-bent plywood shells is designed after the Eames Lounge chair.

I love the round utility shelf. Functional for holding books and motor.
Regards RLW
Ron Wade