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Jade carving attractions in New Zealand

I will be travelling around New Zealand and I would like to see
people carve jade, shell or bone. I found some places but they
sounded like just shops for tourists to buy stuff. I wanted to visit
Hokitika but I wont have time to visit that area. If anyone knows of
some places that are not totally touristy, that would be great.

G’day Rhonda

New Zealand has an abundance of really good carvers. I’m biased
because I live here on the west coast of the south island which also
happens to be where the best pounamu (grrenstone or nephrite jade)
comes from and where I think the best quality carving workshops are
located. Both Hokitika and Greymouth have a lot of good jade shops
but I’m assuming because you’re not visiting Hokitika then you won’t
be visiting Greymouth. Most of the Lapidary clubs have carvers as
members, if you make contact with them you might have a good time of
it. I’m not all that familiar with the north island so I can’t
comment there. The Arts Centre in Christchurch would be a good start
for seeing carvers in action, although it’s touristy, there are
artists working in studios and it’s a good spot to spend a few hours
wandering about checking out the high quality work. Weekends there
also have good quality markets (including greenstone and bone
carvers) and food stalls.

There are some workshops available to the public.

Craig McIntosh

Hi Rhonda, welcome to New Zealand! Im in Nelson and I have a friend
here, he was on this site for a while, but Im not sure if he still
is, he is a jade carver and jeweller and has a studio in a
historical park near Nelsons centre. His name is Ian Longley and I
know he would be happy to have you whatch. The park is called
Founders Park. If you need any more help, let me know.

Philip Wells

Thank you for your response Craig. I think i will pressure my
boyfriend to let me visit hokitika. sounds like the place to be. or
grey mouth. i found a place in greymouth which is a large factory.
sounds rather good. I will look around for markets too. Thanks so
much. Cant wait to check out your beautiful country! I leave
tomorrow already!

Thanks again, Rhonda

Hi Philip,

Thanks for your suggestions. unfortunately i did not check my email
while iwas in new zealand so did not get a chance to look at lan’s
work. i did manage to see some work by a jade carver in the
marlbourgh sounds. that was quite amazing. gee new zealand is really
a beautiful country!

Thanks again for your help