JA - The Test

Here is a synopsis of what the JA sent me regarding the tests.
They can be applied for and performed in sections. One can sign
up for any level with the exception of Master Bench Jeweler which
must be preceded by one section of the Senior Bench Jeweler test.
Sounds cool to me. 8:)

First Level:
JA Certified Bench Jeweler Technician
Size a ring up or down one or more sizes
Retip or repair karat gold prongs
Repair basic chain styles
Repair or install a safety chain
Repair rivets on hinges and pin joints
Repair, replace or install earring posts
Repair a figure eight clasp
Solder rings together
Set rounds snd ovals in prongs and bezels
Finish, buff and polish to high luster specifications
Pierce patterns
Identify and correct errors in workmanship

Test: 8 individual bench tests performed in 3 sections
Total time: 14 hours
Cost: $485 for members $585 for nonmembers

Second Level:
JA Certified Bench Jeweler
Size channel set rings
Install quarter, half and full shanks
Install arthritic shank devices
Assemble a platinum head and shank
Set round, fancy-shaped stones and cabachons in prongs & bezels
Channel set round stones in a single channel
Set rounds in flush settings
Set clusters trims and strips
Dap and dome sheet
Fabricate and install round and oval wire heads
Rhodium and base plating

Test: 7 individual bench tests performed in 3 sections
Total time: 15.5 hours
Cost $660 for members $795 for nonmembers

Third Level:
JA Certified Senior Bench Jeweler
Perform intricate repairs on filigree jewelry
Perform miscellaneous repairs and alterations on platinum jewelry
Size eternity rings up and down with stones in place
Size karat gold mesh watch bands
Pave’ set diamonds in standard flat configurations
Channel set
Flush-set fancy shapes
Fabricate jewelry articles from a design
Fabricate jewelry components and findings
Solder alloys to each other(gold to platinum, silver to gold)
Carve basic wax patterns per specifications
Prepare and sprue waxes for casting
Perform basic engraving for restoration

Test: 5 individual bench tests in 3 sections
Total time: 17 hours
Cost: $660 for members $795 for nonmembers

Fourth Level:
JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler
Repair, re-fashion, or reconstruct any fine jewelry articles
Set or re-set all the stones, in any setting style, in any article
of jewelry
Custom manufacture jewelry articles to design and blueprint
Carve wax models to design specifications
Troubleshoot and solve problems

Test: 3 individual bench tests in 3 sections
Total Time: 36 hours
Cost: $870 for members $1050 for nonmembers

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Regarding the below mentioned test parameters I was wondering if
there is a video(s) available that demonstrates all of these
skills in the order of the test levels? Something along the lines
of The Complete Metalsmith, or the Revere series? etc,. That would
be nice for those of us that are not in contact with schools or
Master Goldsmiths/mentors.