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JA-New York show


Dear all, I have two questions if some one can help me answering

  1. I want to know if any one can help me to find out the email
    address of JA-New York Show organisers. I am a jewelry manufacturer
    from Thailand and want to find out if I can get a booth for their
    next show in NY. I have their phone number due to the time difference
    I can’t seems to get to talk to some one as I always get the
    answering machine and they never return call too.

2.Second is if any orchadian have a jewelry booth at Las Vegas show
and want to share the booth. I am looking for a booth there but lines
are long and it going to be few year before I can get a booth there.
SO if some one is interested to help in sharing the booth or even
just give me some space to in a small show case would be great. ABout
the details of cost and other formalities just email to me

Greetings from THailand


The email address is The website address is

Address and phone numbers aRe:

Jewelers of America
1185 Avenue of the Americas
New York, New York  10036
212-768 8777
800-223 0673

Diane Sadel