J.Grahl Design, Faberge Inspired Jeweled Egg

Here begins an exploration into a journey I started many years ago. There is Faberge Inspired Mechanical Egg on the main Ganoksin.com website, for any who wish to view it.

There are excerpts from a book I produced for the family, Their’s lost, Mine intact). The text is imbedded with the photos in the book, I apologize for the quality, these are laminated photocopies, scanned at very hi resolution. The originals are long gone.
The family and my associates stories are told for posterity at the request of the owner. The primary players have passed on now. The egg shown is now on permanent display At the museum at The Gemological Institute of America.
There are out-take photos included as well, These show much of the detail that went into the mechanism. Again, the quality leaves much to be desired, these are hi rez scanned polaroids, rapidly showing their age and deterioration.
With all the caveats out of the way, I hope you enjoy seeing the inner workings and the process and story of this piece,
Thanks, Jim

Please note the copious use of silver, this was a 25th anniversary gift.

The opening page of the book.

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Page 2

The following three posts give an idea of the conceptual art & thinking processes.

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Page 5

The following are , again, out-takes from the book, This post will jump a bit between text and photos, with the mechanics at the end.

Page 6
Engraving and setting after the 18K yellow swags were soldered in place.
The stones are natural ruby and black Jade.

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