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J.Grahl Design (Colored Stones)


OOooooo. Lovely. Stag beetle?? Much more attractive than the one pinned in my collections! You do great work, Jim.
Judy in Kansas, who has finally seen the first Hummer of the season.


Red just “Gets” Me… every time.
It’s a hard color to ignore.
Very few gems exhibit Red as well as Oregon Sunstone, This one being (correct me Seth) around 10 ct. and a true example of a Gem.
The pendant is hand fabricated platinum with diamonds.
The stone was cut by Dan Stair.
This piece is in the Rosen collection,
Seth, Thank you for all your support…


Jim! So lovely. Has a Art Deco vibe that I really like. The stone is a stunner too. If I owned this piece, I might never take it off! Very glad you shared.
Judy in Kansas, where the peas are producing and cherries need to be picked. Think I’ll wait until later to harvest, when the sun is not overhead.


Thanks Judy.




I supplied the stone, Jim did the platinum fabrication, my mother-in-law supplied the “neck” for it to be worn on :slight_smile: Oregon Sunstone is gem quality feldspar, so it is quite soft. Ideal for a pendant.

We also did a ring together (must have been 7 years ago maybe?) Video on that build is below.


I love this video.

@JimGrahlDesign , I have questions about the tools shown at the following points in the video:

0:53 - tall round soldering block - looks like concrete - is it tall to keep the heat off the table? - or is it tall to have plenty of depth for pushing supports down into it to hold pieces while soldering?

4:28 - looks like a metal soap dish with a metal bar of soap - are these soft metals you use for a softer hammering surface?

4:28 - on the other side of the screen, it looks like pipe with bubble wrap stuffed in the end - this is not a hammer, is it?


Thanks Seth,
Always good to see how someone tackles a project. Lovely piece. Really like watching the layout sequence!


It’s fun - more of a piece to show off Jim’s fabrication technique. It sits in the vault and has been worn twice, but shown off dozens of times and its existence has sold a bunch of other pieces :slight_smile: The stone is just crazy big and crazy deep, so it’s very top heavy.


Every culture has it’s hero’s, those that at some point assume a form of royalty.
In the Surfing community, it’s Steve and Debbie Pezman. With a long tradition of forwarding Surfer Magazine , to their incredible contribution to our culture in creating The Surfer’s Journal, They have supported those in the limelight as well as those on the fringe.
I was honored to be charged with a new project for them, This ring.
Created to reflect Debbie’s contemporary taste, and allow me to acknowledge our near lifetime friendship, this hand fabricated Platinum, custom cut diamond and rich sapphire ring was born.
My thanks to (Two) great people…


I find it interesting that a fairly small object can appear quite striking with simple framing in platinum (in this case) and small diamonds.
This 2 ct., emerald cut, pink sapphire fits that picture. A great, unheated stone with rich color takes on a new perspective when set in this contemporary pendant.


Let me guess, did you set the stone from underneath? I’d be extremely
careful with setting that soft stone, as in a bezel setting.

*Gerry Lewy *
*Toronto, *Canada.


Hi Gerry.
There are very small tabs on the corners of the sapphire.
The seat is cut very snugly & the tabs are raised with a flat graver the size of the flat in the corner.
Thanks for your support,


I call these tabs, “wire-beads” different name
but serving the same purpose!
I guess it’s this Canadian speaking the “Queens English”…:wink: LOL
Still beautiful craftsmanship, regardless
how it’s fashioned, agree?

Gerry! from my Toronto IPhone @ EDT


Color, texture, light moving around…
I think before my eye sees detail, it first gets an overview, a glance.
I often find the attractive qualities in that first blurry look, then, if I’m fortunate, find joy in the details.
Amethyst, 18K & platinum, an 18K wheat chain and diamond details.


Well, that is one lovely amethyst and a stellar setting. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work,
Judy in Kansas, who missed out on the total eclipse due to rain clouds. Did see a star peeking through a hole in the clouds. Awesome experience.


Shape shifting…
Here is one of my favorites. This was done for a friend whose taste leaned a bit toward angular shapes. So here we have an oval blue Sapphire, slowly morphing into a cushion cut appearance with the help of a few diamonds and the outer gold framework. Not a large piece, but one with a bit of detail when you look closely.
Hand fabricated in 18K yellow gold, Platinum and an unique 18K chain of french origin.


Crossing paths…
I seem to do a fair amount of crosses. Knowing the clients, there is an element of an expression of faith there, but, there is also a sense of design expression that is present too.
It’s such an ancient form, the cross. It represents many visions beyond Christianity.
This one was about love, there are heart themes, a bit of wrought iron (the client is an architect…)and an open flavor that gives interest to the eye.
Hand fabricated in 18K and platinum with diamonds, a ruby and yellow sapphires.


I have just had the most enjoyable morning sitting here on my back verandah looking at my HUGE Red Flowering bottlebrush (Australian native ), and reading , and also drooling over the most wonderful photos that go with the 138 ( I think) posts on this thread. I as just an non professional ,have to say I am oh so very excited that most on this thread decided that they needed to not “show off” nor " one upman " rather share some of the most amazing stones ,stories and shots for the rest of us to see . This is priceless thanks .


A bit of color, minimal details, a couple of small diamonds for accents, and…
a ring for all occasions.
Amethyst, 18K yellow gold, Platinum accents, all fabricated into a simple piece.