It's Time to Register for Tucson 2004

Hi All, Tucson is upon us soon. The most gems in one place at one
time, innumerable dealers, the ‘who’s who’ of the jewelry and gem
world in one place at one time. Ten days of jewelry/gem heaven. And
our Orchid dinner, a special moment when the 5000+ members of the
Orchid list can meet each other, see who is who and meet Hanuman,
myself, Karen Christians, Sam Patania and moRe: the Tucson Orchid
Dinner. Sam and Pat are organzing the event. Rio has donated a
casting machine for raffle and $10,000 cash to the Ganoksin project.

Here is the dinner and registration page:

We really need to know how many people are planning on attending the
dinner. This year there is no band (Hey-we get to talk and visit!)
Please register for the dinner as soon as possible. This helps us
plan and cost the project, and also ensures you get a reservation, as
last year there were people turned away at the door because it was

So, please register as soon as you can, it helps us, and gets you a
seat at the dinner…

Looking forwards to seeing you at Tucson/Orchid 2004!!!

best to you.

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