It's official!


I know what you are talking about feeling excited. Other dates
which will bring about excitement if you are anything like me!

-The day you get your tax I.D.
-The day you are accepted to your first “good” show.
-The day you set-up your first set-up!
-The day you get a credit card system!
-The day you win your first award as a professional.

I recently have started doing enameled wall pieces again and
found the concept of ordering the walls for my booth worked as a
great creative impetus as well.

Good luck,


P.S. Fear not the IRS…keep all your records, don’t lie and offer nothing
they don’t ask for. When I worked in an accounting office for a few years I
realized the chance of being audited at my income level is minimal and if you
have honest records the worst that can happen is having to pay back
taxes…fraud charges happen to few. Those stories on TV were scary, but
really rare.