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It's official (YAK)

The lease has been signed, demolition on a non-load bearing wall and our
studio/retail/classes should start up in late August/September. Thanks
for all your suggestions on names. We chose METALWERX. Our metal sign
will have two crossing goldsmithing hammers for the X. So far, many of my
students plus others are all chomping at the bit to take classes and have
a bit of studio space to work.

Our next project (after the wall) will be the ventilation system. We are
either going to get a range hood or have an official HVAC company install
this. I am leaning to the latter, only because I will have students
involved and it’s an insurance thing. Of course any suggestions will be
more than welcome. I have that nice Ventilation Book, which is chock full
of practical ideas.

I was worried in the beginning that nobody would be interested in our
venture, but the support from my friends and my community have been
tremendous. I should have a scanner in a few weeks and will have some
pics on the net. Hopefully the before and after pics will be dramatic.

As far as the art esthetic of downtown Woburn, we do have our work cut out
for us. One woman wanted to know if we made custom angels and another
inquired about us selling Beenie Babies:() Sigh…

Thanks again.


In Woburn, MA (outside of Boston) where we have become a National
Karen Christians
416 Main St.
Woburn, MA 01801


Current Artwork: