Italy is good for your soul

We’ve been away for three weeks - barely here this morning after 24
hours of travel yesterday. We were in northern Italy visiting
Jo-Ann’s relatives, among many other things. Genova, Savona… Great
food, great wine, great scenery, great friends, great family. Trying
to get back into speaking English… My second trip, Jo-Ann’s

There is art everywhere, of course, but I’ll point out some
highlights that we found.

In Milan is the Last Supper, which we wanted to see but couldn’t,
which is a long story. Reserve that 3 months in advance, if you want
to see it.

La Scala is also there, but it was closed when we were there. The
Duomo is (as I recall) the second largest cathedral in Italy (or
Europe?) It’s medieval, very gothic and very dark but boy is it a
sight to see!! Climb on the roof, too… I have to put my foot down
about the cathedral-hopping, BTW. Some people can’t pass by a church
without going inside…

Then we went to Varazze, which is our family - a little resort town
on the Italian Riviera between Savona and Genova. From there we did
many things, but one was a pretty magnificent showing of filagree in
Campo Ligure, which is also the center of Italian filagree. The show
is gone, now, but the local filagree is still there. Ate in a
wonderful agriturismo that night…

Then we took a car trip with two Italian cousins and friends - Pisa,
Florence, San Gimignano, Sienna, San Marino, Assisi, Rimiini… IMO
there is little reason to go to Pisa unless you just want to be
there when the tower falls ; It’s a perfectly fine place. If you go
to Florence (Firenze, actually) and don’t see “David” you’ll regret
it for the rest of your life. San Gimignano is a beautiful little
town with a beautiful cathedral… San Marino is a unique place
for sure… Assisi is pretty much a can’t-miss if you’re in the
neighborhood - tied to Italian and religious history, older than
dirt and beautiful…

What we’ve been doing lately, anyway…

If you go to Florence (Firenze, actually) and don't see "David"
you'll regret it for the rest of your life. 

I’ll ditto that!! As an undergrad I spent a summer hosteling through
Europe. Thank goodness we went to Firenze early in the summer, for
it inspired us to return two more times before going back home. Each
visit to the “David” was awe-inspiring and worth the trip.

Judy in Kansas, where this amazingly moderate summer is nearly over
and leaves are turning colors. I just hope that we don’t have an
early freeze… although that WOULD put an end to canning garden
produce. OH! OH! Just returned from a one day show and it WAS GOOD!!