Italian chains colors

I usually use 14k Italian chains with my work, but find the color is
often too bright;the customer notices the distinct difference between
the chain & my work, even when I’m using 18k, so doesn’t want to
purchase the chain, even though I’ve chosen it specifically for my
piece.I’ve heard the chains are electroplated deliberately to look
yellower-is there any way to remove the plating or somehow make the
chain a more ‘natural’ gold color?Thanks to you all for this
wonderful Orchid resource!

Daphne’s Jewelry Works
Kittery, Maine(home of the endless winter!!!)

You can polish the chain to remove the plating and the color should
then match your 14K piece. Joel


Here in Ireland we get a lot of 9ct gold chain from Italy, which is
plated to give it a more opulant colour. But I have found that the
colour of the chain underneath is not very appealing, especially on
hollow rope chain, it’s a big problem when you have to polish after a
solder repair. the chain comes out a coppery/orange colour.

Neil KilBane