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It SEEMED like a good idea

Okay, I have another theme that should inspire posts. My
aircompressor tubing split at an inopportune time on my
sandblaster so I got the bright idea of patching it together with
my fishtank tubing and an aircheck valve. NOT a good idea. As
soon as the slightest pressure built the hose split apart at the
checkvalve. Very loudly too. Good thing I had headphones on to
block out the noise. Anyone else have a quick fix experience gone

Was the check valve installed with the flow in the correct direction?

Not a quick fix situation, but a similar loud noise experience. The first time I switched out an oxygen tank, I was sure you had to close the regulator as well as the tank supply so that’s what I did. Or at least that’s what I thought I did, I had actually opened the regulator full blast. Long story short, when the fresh tank was installed and turned on a lot of exciting things occurred all at once. Hoses disconnected from torches in short order and flailed around like angry snakes and the sound was immense. Luckily, the only damage was to my ego.

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I just realized we are responding to a post started when I was in highschool…