It is hospital time again

Hi Folks,

I will be in the hospital for a spell. I hope to be home for
Christmas. It’s the damn diabetes and my leg infections again.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Hannukh to all the
marvelous people on the list.

Warmest Regards,

Skip Meister
NRA Endowment and

Skip, best of luck and early Christmas Greetings in case you are
not back on line!

Marilyn Smith

Dear Skip,

Get well quickly, We will miss your enlightening comments!


Hey Skip, wishing you well, and a return to health:)


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Hi skip, sorry to hear about having to go to the hospital. I
too am a diabetic and have had it for over 20 years. It’s a real
pain in the butt, or the arm, or the leg. {attempt at diabetic
humor} That is where we take many of our shots for all you that
are not one of the proud few,ha-ha. But do not let things get you
down. Hope you get well soon and we all look foreward to hearing
from you again. Michael Chapman, Overland Park Kansas

   I will be in the hospital for a spell.  I hope to be home
for Christmas.  It's the damn diabetes and my leg infections

G’day, Skip; I sympathise and can only hope that they are able
to fix you up so that you can function properly again. A small
tip; take a little tape recorder and a pair of light headphones
plus a number of your favourite pieces of music in with you - and
some you have never heard before. Don’t bother with the tape
outers; they will only clutter so put the tapes in a plastic bag.
You’ll be very glad of the company in those stilly watches of the
night when they aren’t pulling you about and waking you up for a
dose of sleeping pills! We wish you all the very best and hope
that everything goes well for you. If it is possible to have a
happy Christmas, in hospital - then we wish you that too.

       / /    John Burgess, 
      / /
     / //\    @John_Burgess2
    / / \ \
   / (___) \

Hi Skip

Get will soon … We need your Casting input .



Your thoughtful help will be sorely missed. Best wishes for a
speedy recovery. Get back to us soon!

Bob B

Skip…Happy Holidays to you too. Don’t let hospitalization
interfere with your spirits. They are yours to control. Hope all
goes well for you. Sol K.

GET WELL SOON! Hope your hospital stay is a short one and you
return fully recovered!

Skip, Best of luck to you and hope you have a speedy recovery. We
will keep you in our prayers. Ken

hi skip,

happy holidays to you! we’ll misss you while you’re not here,
but know you will be quickly on the mend and back in the saddle
in no time.

best regards,

geo fox

Hi Skip

Hope they get that infection cleared up fast and you back home
for a happy holiday. Best to you.


Dear Skip, I’m new to Orchid, new to the Internet and relatively
new to metalworking, but I have sung my whole life
(professionally, even), soooo if you are in the hospital on
Christmas or you are just feeling blue, call and I will carol you
(apparently, I’m a poet too)

Best wishes,


The best to you. Can;t you bring your copmputer with you? Are
the rooms wired? It would be very cool if you could stay on the
net while you are in “jail”! I know that whenever I get on the
net, I become totally relaxed and time flies - so it JUST COULD
be theraputic as well!

If you are like me in any regard, you are probably bringing all
sorts of stuff to occupy yourself with anyway - all the books
and articles and printouts you have meant to get to. Then you
realize why you never got to them or something more interesting
takes center stage and you wind up lugging all the stuff home
again PLUS whatever you’ve gotten your hands on during your

Skip, be well; I look forward to seeing you on Orchid soonest!

warm regards, Mary and Michael Erdman

Dear Skip- I wdont know you but I sure hope you have a speedy
recovery! Best Wishes for the Holidays and New years- Denise

Hi Skip–Another idea for making the time fly–books on tape and
a small tape recorder–good for music too–but the books can be
very absorbing and alot less demanding than reading when you’re
not feeling well. Hope it all goes really quickly and
successfully, with a really rapid recovery. Best Holiday wishes
as well. Sandra/ElegantBee