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It has finally happened

Re: It Finally Happened


You can find an honest reliable diamond merchant right at the
bottom of this page - Ben Marks of Tyler-Adam Corp., the man who
publishes Tidbits! I have bought both diamonds and colored stones
from him, but he really specializes in diamonds and just got the
colored stones for me as a favor. In each case we discussed what
I wanted and he came back with several alternates. After making a
first choice, I sent him a check, and when the check had cleared
he sent the diamonds registered mail. Of course, I had my
Gemologist reappraise the stone and replot the inclusions, which
when compared with the plot on the GIA Cert., assures oneself
that the stone received is actually the stone which GIA assessed.

And you can get a good idea of diamond price from his diamond
search engine, found at his web site
<>. You can contact Ben by e-mail at
<>. He is located on 47th Street- right in the
middle of the diamond brokers in New York. I think you will be
satisfied with his service and am happy to recommend him…

Hale Sweeny
Durham, NC