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Istanbul Jewelry Attractions

Hello Vera,

Grand Bazaar is the place to go if you want to buy gold and silver
items to sell. It is a beautiful place to see even if you don’t buy
anything. One day is never enough to see all. The bazaar is like a
little town with many doors to enter and leave. From Nuruosmaniye
door enterance you will go to the streets where jewellery shops are.
If you are interested in Trabzon Bracelets like in my website

you can find them in that street.

For equipment to make jewellery there is a place called “Tavuk pazari
sokak” (chicken bazaar street), another place is “Polonya pazari”
(Polish bazaar). The first street is easier for you to find and the
shops are easier to buy from. In the same street there is a shop I
used to buy my silver findings. You will see the windows are full
with them. I never remember the name of the shops. I will search if I
can find any addresses for you.

I hope you have a wonderfull time in Turkey. It is a beautiful

Kind regards,
Oya Borahan GG, FGA, DGA

Anyone know of any good places to check out? I’m thinking some great
Ottoman or Byzantine work must be there: just not sure where to look.
Metalwork never seems to be mentioned in the guidebooks I’ve read. I
will check out the major museums but don’t want to overlook any
hidden “gems”, so to speak.