Issues with poring silver

Since a few months I drawing silver wire in a bigger size, like
between 5 and 9 mm, in oval, half round and triangle.

I make a small bar size between 7 and 9 mm and without using the
mill I start forming the bar.

I have the following problem this days, small drops of flux end op
inside the bar,(not visible on the outside) then when using the
drawing plates after reducing and forming it in the requested form,
the dried flux appears and therefore holes in the wire and not a few
either, like on 5 or more places in asmall bar of 3 inches stretched
to about 6 or 8 inches.

Before when I drawing silver in sizes between 1 and 4 mm, I almost
never hadthis problem, maybe because I was using the mill to reduce
the size.

What is my problem?

To much flux?
Not hot enough ?

Obviously I have tried to use the minimum amount of flux and have
heated thesilver longer, but the problem is still there.

Looking desperately for a solution!


You might try “cleaning” the molter silver by stirring the metal when
molten with a carbon (graphite) or quartz rod. Good luck.

john dach