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Issue with acetylene torch

I just had my b tank refilled and had a new hose put on at the same time. They had to use an adapter to connect the new hose to the regulator. When I turned it on to double check for leaks…all appeared fine except it took a long time bleed out the hose. Later, when I went to use the torch, I noticed nothing seemed to be coming out of the hose and torch would not light. I have never had an issue with my acetylene torch before, and frankly am a little nervous and don’t know what to do. I called the gas co that had replaced the tank, and they had never heard of a similar issue and did not offer any advice …
I am guessing it may have something to do with new hose and adapter…
Any advise will be most welcome!

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My first thought is the regulator was closed down so no gas is likely to get through. I am assuming you checked this. I am puzzled as to why a new hose should need an adapter. I assume, again, that the old hose didn’t need one and it worked fine. I’d take the whole rig back to the gas shop and have it checked out.


Don’s advice to take it all back got the gas company and ask them to figure it out is perfect. I’m like Don - a B tank hose is a very standard item as are B tank regulators. I too can’t. imagine why they would need an adapter. And … they filled your tank? Normally, you’ll get a full tank and they will take yours in exchange (irritates me when I have a brand new tank). So, it could be anything - faulty fill, faulty tank if its a different tank, something wonky with the hose or adapter, etc. Do you see pressure on the regulator (assuming its not a Prest-O-lite) when you open the tank valve? Do you see pressure on the low side gauge when you crank in the regulator adjustment? If its a Prest-O-lite … you won’t see anything because they don’t have gauges. If you get tank pressure when turning on the tank, and pressure on the low pressure side when cranking in the regulator … has to be the adapter or hose. Many (Prest-o-lite) tips have a filter in the tip itself that can clog … but if it was working before that probably is not the issue … unless the gas it dirty and clogged it up, which isn’t likely either since you have not been able to bet any gas flowing at all since you had the tank filled. Don’s advice is priceless … haul it back to the gas folks and say … you worked on it and now it won’t work. Fix it.

Empty tank when it should be full, bad regulator or one that needs adjustment, plugged hose or even something out of wack about your torch all make sense, but the need for an adapter, whatever it is, makes no sense. There is nothing special about a single stage acetylene torch. Take the whole thing back and tell them to make it work…Rob

Actually the clue may be on the (Relitivly) non combustible liquid, it may be acetone from inside the tank, in which case secure the tank so it is upright, wait a day or 2 then open the torch (and tank) to flush the liquid from the regulator and line, and then all should be ok

The Adapter may just be a brass adapter. From cylinder service: CGA-510 POL acetylene. To regulator service: CGA-520 “B” tank.



My response does not address the question exactly. I would like to vent about my experience exchanging acetylene tanks. I live in a small town and there is only one plumbers shop that exchanges tanks. They descriminate against woman. For a while I couldn’t even get a tank exchange until I went in with my boyfriend. One time I was given the wrong tank altogether.
They are dismissive and rude but I need my tank and deal with it. These days I handle myself with much more confidence and even bring an extra regulator and check that it fits before I leave the parking lot.
The fact the the gas company did not offer any help irks me. Call them and bring a man with you. :0)

It could be that they added a flashback arrestor for safety reasons and they got it on backwards.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions! In browsing through info on torches, I think I solved the reason for an adapter. Years ago when I first bought the the torch…it was a Prestolite, but I changed the tips/handle to a Smith. From what I could discern is that the Prestolite hose uses a smaller connection, and since I bought the regulator at that time, obviously the connection from regulator to hose would be that smaller size…

Will try the suggestion from Kay, then when I get a day off from work bring the torch back to gas co.

Again , thank you!

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