[Israel] Jewelry designer salary

Any about the salary of a jewelry designer in Israel? (or
any about salaries of jewelry designers in general).

Ariella Merklin

Dear Ariella, It all depends on what will you be doing exactly, are
you going to come with ideas sketch them and then make them
yourself?, or we are talking just drawing designs and ideas and the
model maker takes it from there, and all that depends on how good
you are on delivering your massage to the actual master model maker,
so your knowledge of the process of making jewelry has to cover all
the aspects , the other element is what caliber the company that you
are applying to work for) fits in?. What I’m trying to say is that
your question can cover price tag of $30,000 to $1,000,000.

Dikran N.

If you mean a wax carver, or designer. Here in Toronto, the
appropriate wage will be well into the $25.00 + per hour. If the pay
scale is less, then the company is not looking after the person
proportionally to his/her abilities. Plain and simple!..Gerry!

Thanks to all those who answered me. I would be doing the designs
and a mmodel maker would take over from there. I am fully
knowledgable of the process of making jewelry and expect to be
included in it as well. The company is one of the top companies here
in Israel. They don’t as yet make jewelry (they currently do
silversmithing) but are looking to get into it. I am also curious as
to what is normally done with royalies (if there is such a thing) and
who gets to keep the design. Can I get a percentage of my designs that

Ariella Merklin