ISO Coil Cutting Holder for Jump Ringer MKII Long

Does anyone have a spare Coil Cutting Holder for a Jump Ringer MKII that they would like to sell? Or know of a jewelry supplier who used to carry them and may still have some old stock? These were the ones made by Ray Grossman. I checked with Otto Frei and they have the entire kit but as far as separate holders they only have an earlier single slot version and I am looking for the later multi-slot version. Thanks! sells the Koil Kutter.

If you don’t have any luck finding what you need from your request here, you could check out The Artists Garage Group, Metalsmiths Swap Meet and Jewelry Tool Garage Sale in Facebook. One of the groups doesn’t allow ISO requests, sorry I can’t remember which.

Happy hunting,

sorry I can’t help with your request but I did notice that someone mentioned the Koil Kutter that Potter has…that is a completely different system…good luck…