Is too early to start your own workshop?

Hi, I just would like to know, how early is too early to start your
own workshop as a student? I just did a 1 year and half course, but I
dont know if that is enough?


hi martha

for time being as a student you should start with some few tools
bring your ideas on hand and as your experince shall be more in this
field then you can go towards machines

Hi, I just would like to know, how early is too early to start
your own workshop as a student? I just did a 1 year and half
course, but I dont know if that is enough? 

I dunno…I only ever took a six week two hour jewelry night class
at a community college…and I think I didn’t attend all of the
classes…when I started my own workshop. That was fifteen years
ago…lol…Hope I have picked up something more than that since
then. You have a lot more edjumacation than I ever did.

Personally, I have always thought that education is a wonderful,
helpful, important thing, I do have a BA in
design…ceramics…but no jewelry,…so I ain’t totally
ign’rent, but like having the best tools, education will not make you
a great or even a good jeweler or artist, that part is up to your
talent and your drive. You can have many years of schooling, and
still suck. Those of us who cite our “MANY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE”…mea
culpa sometimes…hey…we could have been doing it wrong for
thirty years.

Do you want to open a workshop?

So open a workshop.

Lisa, (A sunny, hot and beautiful day here in Hell-Lay…despite all
of the fires burning around us. ) Topanga, CA, USA

Hello Martha,

I agree with Lisa in Topanga Cyn, it’s not too early to start your
own thing - I started my studio without jewelry training, but do have
a BA in design, furniture and 3d design - and besides creating the
artwork itself, important aspects of the business for me have been
branding, marketing, image/logo/packaging design, professional and
friendly customer service, and a good website. Coupled with a mature
perspective on your work and a healthy self respect, followed up by
QUALITY, and you should do well. Sometimes these traits take some
experience and time to develop so that is one thing you might want to
work on - Many non-jewelry marketing skills are learned in jobs in
other fields.

A strong mission statement or direction for your work can also help
others to understand it, then learning your strengths and weaknesses
to make the studio succeed are some of the tough parts. If you can’t
do it yourself then find someone to help you with those specific

Good luck!
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If you can create a syllabus, gather for tools, create a
supply list, be prepared to answer questions regarding your process
and keep your audience engaged for two or three days, then you can
teach a workshop.

I suggest teaching either at a local adult ed, or invite your
friends over and teach them. I agree, it is harder to teach when you
don’t have the experience. Having the degree doesn’t mean much. I see
people teaching with an MFA and they have only taught one class,

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