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Is there a name for this type of design

Hello ALL

I buy and sell vintage jewelry, I purchased a large amount of
sterling today, including this large piece, a links necklace with a
huge pendant, it looks as tho the silver was dripped on to it, can
someone please tell me if this type of work has a certain name to it?

helpful and appreciated!
Thank You!

Without seeing it on can only hazard a guess. Probably
electroforming. This is where a metal can coated onto a
non-conducting surface in a manner similar to siver plating. Other
possibilities may be fused silver work, precious metal clay or a
lost wax casting.


I do not think there is an established style name for this type work
although I have heard it referred to as freeform, freeform modern,
abstract and finally nugget.

This style was very popular from the 1960’s to the early 1980’s but
some jewelers still incorporate this design style into their work.
Feel free to contact me off list anytime to share about
antique jewelry.

Greg DeMark

Hello all,

Regarding the “drippy” silver dangles on the pendant, a photo of
which was shown in the original question : it seems I recall an
artist/Orchid member who makes jewelry similar to this look. My
recollection is something about melting silver wire and letting it
drip into a bucket of water, to form as it will. Sort of like making
egg drop soup. Does this ring a bell with anyone out there? Would
love to hear from the artist, if she catches this post.

Kindest regards,
Nancy Robinson in Vermont