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Is there a good time to cast?

Here is an interesting question. Is there a way to predict better
times of the year/season then others to select to do your casting –
you know when the prices of silver “tend” to be lower? I was watching
a short news report that said that there are better days and times of
the year to buy some goods, such as gas because it was typically
cheaper, so I got to wondering if there are any predictable trends
with buying and selling silver.

Any thoughts?


PS. By the way, best day to buy gas is Wed., and on Friday and the
weekends it goes up.

Hi Holly.

It’s an interesting question, but I think that there isn’t a set
pattern to metal price fluctuating. The commodity market is much
more complex then say- retail price of gasoline. but for some reason
it seams as always before the holidays the prices will some what inch

Charles (shaiki) Newman
International Mfg. Co.