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Is there a forum for classes that are offered through Ganoskin?

I have a question about the Gerry Lewy video and looking to see if there is a place to post this question especially questions about lessons and classes offered through Ganoskin.

Gerry Lewy Bead setting lesson - when he goes to set the stones but switched to another setting, do you still undercut the beads before setting when using the straight raw casting setting?

Unfortunately Sharon C, there aren’t any independent forums on bead-setting. But any questions can be directed through our very own “Orchid/Ganoksin”.
BTW, on another note, I’m not communicating or writing on three days, September 7 and 8th and then September 16th. These are our very strict Jewish High Holydays.
Plus, my computer will be turned off at Sundown, the night before!
I will resume writing the nights afterwards!

“Gerry, on my iPhone”

The question arises from Sharon, would I use my undercutting bur. This bur is named “156C” to make a seat for a diamond to sit!
My answer is a personal one now, why is this? When I was learning setting 60 years ago,I had to push over each & every bead. I had to visually check each bead to see if they were over the girdles over the stone. YUK!
The times have changed, today I for sure, undercut each bead!
But how much would I undercut?
My answer is no more than 1/2 the thickness of the bead. This gives you & me, a nice seat for the stone to sit, times four!
Do we agree on this formula and
But to create these secured beads today, makes our job so much easier.

“Gerry, on my iPhone”

Thank you for responding and for letting me know you won’t be on.
Hope you have a great holiday.