Is the Hope diamond cursed?

As silly as this is, I’m just plain curious. A jeweler I know said
he physically can not walk into the room at the Smithsonian in which
the Hope diamond is housed. He says that the “curse” issue lies in
the way that the stone was cut. Don’t know if this is his opinion or
something he heard. I’m just interested in hearing if any of you
believe the diamond is cursed, the cut is what cursed it, or what
your opinion in general is?

Thanks – Trish

All diamonds are cursed…or not

Read the book “The French Blue” by Richard W. Wise. It is the
history of the Hope diamond when it was fisrt discovered back in the
17th century. It is historical fiction, but you will learn why the
gem is supposed to be cursed. Richard Wise is an international gem
dealer and wrote Secrets of the Gem Trade. Fame is a Vapor -
Popularity an Accident - Riches Take Wings - Only One Thing Endures -
And That is Character Horace Greely

Linda Lankford

Yes it is, like any other object of concentrated value, It enhances
greed… and greed is a curse

Hi Trish,

If the Hope is cursed, why is it so selective? It doesn’t dish out
misfortune and death to all that touch or re-cut it. Pretty lame
curse if you ask me.

Thinking about how the Hope Diamond has been re-cut a few times,
does this mean that there are many cursed diamonds out there :open_mouth:

I believe curses only work if you believe in them.

Regards Charles A.

I’m pretty sure aluminum foil wrapped tightly around one’s head
would protect you from the “negative waves” of the stone. Either that
or a couple of fingers of scotch…neat.


Is the Bahia Emerald cursed? It is all the same.

The reason the original miners of the emerald want nothing to do
with it has more to do with what these specimens do to people.

It brings out the worse in character.

Amerindians believe that to take these stones from the earth is bad
BUT its because it is akin to gluttony. Never take all and certainly
leave the very best…hugest… so that the earth keeps giving you

I agree with Charles… reminds me of Smeagol


Many years ago, I found myself at a family gathering, and who would
be there but Harry Winston.

The stone seemed to be good for his family, as far as I know.

Mark Zirinsky