Is Polygon Network working for you?

Hello All: I was wondering if any of the jewelry store owners on this
forum are members of Polygon? I toured the site yesterday with Tim
and it looks like a good place to find diamonds and to sell your
older goods or pre-owned goods. Having easy access to goods without
having them as inventory is the way to sell diamonds in this ever
more competitive market place isn’t it? If you have any experience
with Polygon and would care to comment I would greatly appreciate
it. Michael R. Mathews, Sr. Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos

Polygon is a unit unto it’s own. About 3000 members, there is
nothing like it.

It has a searchable database. Click on “H”, “SI2”, “Marq”,
“1-1.25cts” and with or w/o a cert and bingo you have hundreds of
stones listed with vendors code.

Further, you can do a little magic and it add a markup so you can
show the screen to your customers.

The Business Discussion channel is used heavily and you can get lots
of advice from others members.

Well worth it

David Geller

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     If you have any experience with Polygon and would care to
comment I would greatly appreciate it. 

Michael, Polygon is a great tool for us. As a small “Mom and Pop”
store, we don’t stock major items like fancy colored diamonds or
ultra-high-end colored stones, except for a few consignment or
estate pieces.

My best example is the couple who wanted to make a “promise ring”
for their 15-year-old daughter (the promise being that she’ll remain
a virgin until after post-grad school, and settled into her chosen
vocation…somewhere around age 30, I guess). Anyway, they wanted a
pink diamond around 0.25 ct. A quick message on Polygon yielded
several results, and we chose five stones from two dealers to be
sent to us on memo for them to look at. The result was a nice, Fancy
Intense Pink that sold for a bit over$40k/ct (that’s around $10k for
the 0.23 stone they bought.

They recently returned for a Fancy Intense Yellow for the mother.
Unfortunately, none of the five stones we received were right for
her, but the feelers are out on Polygon, and I’m sure we’ll have
just the right one soon.

The best part of Polygon is the searchable database. You can input
the “four Cs” along with table percentage, depth percentage, etc.,
to cut down on the number of hits, and also the number of lousy
cuts. Also, you can add your markup and print the page to show your
customer their exact cost, shipping, etc. It also allows you to
explain to them why cheap Internet deals aren’t worth it. By showing
them how you refused stones with large tables and lousy proportions,
they’ll have more confidence in spending more money on a better
stone instead of taking their chances on eBay.

James in SoFl

Michael, We tried it for awhile. We finally decided the $90 per
month wasn’t worth the occasional use. If you have a lot of unusual
requests for items or goods you want to dump, it’s great. Last
Christmas I tried through my normal channels to order a matched pair
of 9 X 6 pear shaped pink sapphires for some earrings I was making
for a good customer. One merchant actually laughed at me on the
phone and told me that they weren’t cut that large. So, I posted it
on Polygon and had a call from a stone dealer within 20 minutes and
had 62 carats delivered the next morning for my picking. We made the

It’s also a great place to dump those trade-ins. There are a lot of
people on it every day, so there’s a lot of activity. Try it for a
month or two. It does work. We just decided we didn’t use it enough
and put that money toward a laser (grin grin).

James S. Cantrell CMBJ

Hi Matthew, I’m a dealer on Polygon and check it everyday.
Responding to the “wanted” requests has made the cost worthwhile.
Selling is more difficult but it’s nice to reach a large audience
quickly. The business discussion is nice but typically the same
responders, much like ganoksin, although I’m sure many others read.

I’m not sold yet, but it sure beats having to make 20 phone calls
for one stone, and taking the additional risk selling on the road.
It breaks up the routine nicely. My thoughts are more and more will
begin using the internet for resources and currently Poly has no

Ed Cleveland