Is Northwest Pitchworks still in business?

I’ve had an order in with Northwest Pitchworks for 3 months and have not heard back from NP. I emailed again. No reply. My check has not been cashed either. Does anyone know if they are still in business? And/or, can someone recommend a pitch similar to NP medium green pitch? Thanks

Nechamkin sells a medium green chasers pitch:

Nechamkin medium green chasers pitch

You can buy it in a 5 lbs pan or a filled bowl. There’s also a sample that’s usually available.

No affiliation, just a happy customer.

Sorry, but I can’t answer your question about Northwest Pitchworks.


Thanks for that info. Yesterday I did more research re: Northwest Pitchworks and it appears they have closed business as of 2019. And it looks like Liza Nechamkin now has the rights to the formula which is great. Her green chaser’s pitch is the same.

From what I was told Liza Nechamkin bought the Debra Montgomery’s pitch formula and business. I will try to contact Northwest Pitchwork’s former owner.

I spoke with Vincent of Northwest Pitchworks and he has shifted his direction and is not making pitch. He hopes that perhaps in the future he may return to it. He has not sold the formula to anyone. If I am able to replicate it, I will pass on the information. I miss not having Northwest Pitchworks as a resource for quality pitch,

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