Is it jewelry or little sculpture

I’ve been looking at the work in the orchid online galleries: So
much beauty and joy! Or as Vetruvius put it a few years ago,
Firmness, Commodity, and Delight.

Thanks for all the input on learning hard soldering, even two
invitations to drop in for a lesson! Too far though (i’m in Ashland,
Oregon), but there are good jewelers around here, just looking at a
page from a local craft market (where i hope to sell after i
’graduate’), i’ll wheedle some hands-on from one (i’m sure i have
something to offer in return). I just made some nice ball-ends (is
that what we call it? that means something else in England…) on
sixteenth inch welding rod to use for rivets, what i was failing at
was a lot larger and just not getting hot enuf i think, and i am
convinced tix or sta-brite is fine for that anyway. But i’m getting
some ‘nickel silver’ wire to practice making findings with, then on
to sterling i hope.

i think what i’m making is more ‘small sculpture’ than jewelry. A
thought experiment (or really do it, i plan to): take one of your
pieces and place it in a model train layout or architectural model.