Is Hardenable Silver Argentium?

In the British enameling book, “Enamelling on Precious Metals” by
Jeanne Werge-Hartley. It talks about enameling on “Hardenable
silver” (1715) The content is 99.65% silver, 0.2 % magnesium, and
0.15 % nickel. The melting point is 1840F. Originally produced by
Johnson Matthey in the early 70’s. I’m sorry but I haven’t paid a
lot of attention to the threads on Argentium, but is this what that
is? It says it comes in two qualities. N quality which is soft and
malleable as pure silver. It can be irreversably hardened in a kiln.
And then P quality which is so hard it can’t be bent or it will
fracture. It’s supposed to be a fantastic silver to enamel on. Now as
I’m reading on in this book it talks about Germanium Silver or
"Bright Sterling silver" 92.5% silver, 6.3 % copper, 1.2% germanium,
melting point (1410-1608 F) I bet this is the Argentium silver.
Unfortunately they don’t reccomend enameling on it. So I was
wondering if you can buy this “hardenable silver in the States” It’s
obviously available in the UK. I happen to be going there next week!
Does anyone know where I can find it. Thanks for your help and thanks
to all the responses on the enamel ring. It was just too thick.

God Bless You

The JMM hardenable silver is not the same as Argentium. Having usd
it extesively I would not recommend it for enamelling. It has a
propensity to age harden and crack if the enamelling produces any
stress in the metal.

Bill Bedford