Is foredom hammer compatible with Prodigy flex shaft

I would like to get a hammer attachment for a flex shaft device so I can set stones more easily. I will have to buy both the hammer and the flex shaft system, so price is an issue. Rio sells a Prodigy flex shaft that’s far cheaper than the Foredom, but it looks like the Foredom H15 hammer is what I need. Is the Prodigy compatible with the H15?

I’ve only been silversmithing for a year, so I may have what I need completely off!

I think that there was a very similar discussion just about a week ago. Do a search and see if it helps answer your question…Rob

Thanks for your speedy response. Is the one you’re talking about the Grobet Compatibility post? I didn’t see anything for prodigy flex shafts with foredom attachments.

I believe it was…Rob

The hammer handpiece fits on the Prodigy, but it slips out while you are trying to work, so I would say no, they are not compatible. I upgraded to a Foredom flexshaft for that reason.