Is all copper wire the same?

Sorry for this very basic question, but is all copper wire the same?
What I mean is, is there special “jeweler’s” copper wire that is
different from hardware store wire?

There is no special jewelers copper wire, but all copper wire is not
the same. Almost all copper wire will be suitable for craft purposes.
You would be very unlikely to find an unsuitable form at any hardware


most hardware stores don’t carry square and half round shapes, etc.
but for round wire in a particular guage, copper wire is copper


No, there are several alloys of copper that are made into wire. But
unless you have extremely special needs that are beyond the scope of
99.99% of jewelry requirements you will find no difference in the
alloys that are sold as copper wire. If you want to be sure you are
getting the same pure copper wire every time buy electrical wire as
impurities affect the conductivity of copper and electrical wire is
held to high purity tolerances.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts