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Is 6 ton enough pressure for hydraulic die forming small forms


I have some practice with 20 ton hydraulic presses and am considering purchasing one. I love the bonny doon 20 ton manual but was wondering if anyone out there can make an argument for the harbor freight 6 ton.

Specifically, I was wondering if the 6 ton press would be enough for pressing 4" and under dies maybe an 1" deep out of 18 or 20 sterling silver or copper?

Thanks for your thoughts,

I am also very interested in any answers to this question. I bought the Harbor Freight one but gave up on trying to put it together when I realized that ones people use for jewelry are much more powerful. Now it’s just sitting in the box.

Yes. I use a 7 ton jack and a cheap $99 hydraulic press (available on Amazon) bolted to a counter. I use plexiglass and aluminum dies, largest is for a triangle shape approx 4 x 2". I primarily use 20 gauge copper and sterling. Dies are1/2" thick and if not careful I can bottom the metal out. I always anneal the metal before presing and again if I need more depth. Also, I use cut inner tubes for pushing the metal into the die.
Hope this helps

Harbor Freight has a cash refund in 30 days with the box and papers.

Don Meixner

Yes- and they would have even taken it back even after 30 days. They’re very generous! But it was a matter of logistics, mostly, that I wasn’t able to get it back there. Until recently the closest Harbor Freight was an hour and a half away. Now there’s one 30 minutes away but it’s been well over a year. Totally my fault. Anyway, if It’s good enough to just cut out multiple shapes in silver and copper, then it’s worth keeping!

Thanks for replying!

Thanks everyone!