Iron / steel oxidizers in Australia?


I’ve sent one of my iron and red gold wedding rings to a client in
Australia. The blackened steel has begun to fade and my client is
wanting to regain that darker surface. Do any of you have any
suggestions of what might be available in Australia that he could
purchase? Currently I am thinking of having him gently heat the ring
to bring back the color. any thoughts?


You have my symathyies with this, Ive to have found to my cost and
aggravation, that people, rings and surface patinas never rarely
work well together.

Regretfully I have to say beauty always fades with time, even if the
heart stays the same.

There is no long lasting solution. All you can do is offer the
customer his money back on the safe return of the ring.

I guess thats why wedding rings are from solid gold not plated!!.

Something that may be the ticket is gun blueing, should be available
at any good sporting goods store. It is a selenic acid mix that is
used to create the gun blue on steel weapons. It is made by Berchwood
Casey. It comes in chemistries to create different colors, usually
blue or black and sometimes brown. They could see if it is available
on line too. Keep it ff of the copper elements as it will patina that
too. If it does get on the copper, one fine grit medium that can be
used to erase it is a good pencil eraser, but it is difficult to get
into fine detail and/or crevasse type detail. Wax, nail polish
(easily removed with polish remover would be 2 different ways to mask
off areas not needing/wanting color. Works in seconds bur be sure
they really scrub the ring with ammonia with a fine bristle brush to
remove any skin /dirt oils before applying the patina material. Once
the patina is as dark as wanted, rinse well with water and towel
orgeat try. The patina surface may look dull once dry and if so, just
give it a buffing with a soft rag or shoe polishing brush. Keep the
remaining patina solution for use when again the color rubs so they
can put it on again.

john dach