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Ionic cleaner issue

hello all

I just sent a short message to the speed brite company for technical
question/problem. have had mine for about 8 months now and on
occasion use it before a show. it works and cleans quite well. I do
use turquoise and pearls in there no problem. yesterday when we
cleaned separate pieces that had tourmalines Pinks and green, they
came out of the cleaner with a lot more fissures and cracks then
going in the bath. the green looked cloudy, the pink had little
chunks missing from the top of the cabs and quite a few fissures on
the interior of the stones. the bath itselfis not heated or cooled
so there is no temperature issue; any clues or advice would be
appreciated. a little surprised. thanks for your time.

Hratch Babikian


A lot of those stones are Dye treated also and some types of cleaners
draw the dyes out of stones. Perhaps you may want to ask you vendors
if the know what type of treatment the stones you are purchasing have
gone through. A good rule of thumb is to treat every stone as if it
was treated.

Good luck.