Iolites & Old Jewelry

Hi, All; I have 2 things I need help with. The first is an eye-clean,
marquis-cut blue-violet Iolite with good color in an exact 11x5.5mm
cut. I have a customer who is desperate for this stone and I can’t
find one anywhere in this size, and the setting she has is an
unforgiving one. So as a last resort I appeal to anyone of you who
might have one for sale, or know of a gemstone dealer who might. You
can contact me offline. Now, this same lady brought me an old pendant
with baroque and seed pearls and lots of stones, that she says came
from her grandmother. There is a palate-shaped plate on the back of
it that says: “Original by Robert” - with a little accent mark over
the “e” so I guess it pronounced French. If anyone is familiar with
this designer, please share any insight into the piece’s value (or
lack thereof). Many thanks.

Jim Marotti
Lancaster, TN
e-mail: @jmarotti