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Inviting New Users


Somewhere I remember reading about how to invite new users via a function on the site. I was wondering if that feature is enabled. I know there’s a badge for invitations, but I can’t find the function for inviting someone.



Hi Alec,

I checked around and I’m pretty sure there’s no “invitation” feature.

The forum software we use has a “Invite” button but with the way we have things setup, it’s disabled/hidden because of the fact that you join our forums in a special way.

You may also be thinking of an old invitation feature that might have existed on Ganoksin before we re-organized/re-launched the whole site in September 2016.

It’s an interesting feature to add in some day though! Can you tell me more about how you envision it working? The more participants in Orchid the better! :slight_smile:

– Leah


Hi Leah,

It’s probably the “invite” button description that I noticed before. There was some reference to that button showing up on the user profile; maybe that reference went away during the recent site software update.

As for how it would work, I think like any community software, a current user at a certain level could enter an invitee’s name and email address, and the site would generate an email message to invitee on behalf of the user. The system would create a streamlined account set up for the invitee, perhaps with some provisional permissions for posting to the forums – sort of a “30 day trial” account that could be easily converted to a full account at any time during that period.

There are lots of enhancements that could be added to this feature, but I think the above is a good minimal set to facilitate and encourage new users.

In the meantime, I’m just going to send an email to the people I was thinking of inviting when I started this topic.



I’d be happy to get an “invite” button on my “signature”…:wink:

Gerry! from my mobile-phone!


That’s a really great idea, Alec. I’m going to add it to our to do list. I like the idea of it being associated with a free trial.