Invited to new gallery

Hello Everyone!

I hope that everyone is surviving this hot summer. Any way to my
point. I have been asked to show in a new gallery many miles from
home for me. I tend to show in galleries in the state. But I am
willing to expand. I am looking for anyone that has had an dealings
with Lyndon Tsosie or the gallery The House of Lyndon. I think it
may have been Jasmine gallery before that.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Orchidland,

Just a reminder. Please indicate your general location/city if you
are selling, wondering about a gallery, searching for an item, etc.
It helps us to respond appropriately. This is an international
community and the rest of us don’t know if you are across the world
or right here in town. Although in my case, it’s unlikely that you
are in MY town. :smiley:

Judy in Kansas