[Invitation] Jay Whaley Blogtalk

Jay Whaley, Whaley Studios San Diego, invites you to join in to his
one hour Blogtalk Radio Broadcast, June 4th 3-4 PM PDT, adjusted to
your time zones.

Guests will Daniel Ballard of Precious Metals West with a discussion
on Metals, Refining, and Alloying. Dan will be available for
questions both via phone and chat during the broadcast. Dan is well
known to Orchid readers, as well as attendees to Kraftwerks.
preciousmetalswest.com We expect Dan to be on shortly after 3.

Our second guest will be Jeanne Rhodes-Moen, jeweler and author of
Silver threads, a best seller book on Filigree. Jeanne will be
available to answer questions on Filigree, and casting filigree as
well. Jeanne lived in Norway for many years and learned her craft
there. She has combined traditional with some modern versions of
filigree, and uses an imaginative combination of self cut stones,
both Norwegian and local. jeannius.com Jeanne should be on after
3:30 PM.